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Vocational Preparation Seminars in Real Estate (Real Estate License)

For those individuals wanting to enter the Commercial Real Estate field, we offer evening classes that will prepare you to take the State of California Real Estate Sales Test. The classes are offered at the beginning of each quarter with the exception of the Fall quarter, we skip that one. Class size is limited to 12 people. Call or e-mail today to indicate your interest as soon as we have five (5) people we will schedule the next start date. If you are already in real estate and you wish to increase your share of the market, we can help you refine your marketing strategies, brochures, closing techniques and much more. Choosing a data base controller (software) is often a challenge and if it is user friendly for you, it can be a great tool to increase your performance.

1031 Exchange Updates

Preparing to purchase another building and make sure you do not loose your tax saving options take a bit of planning. This session will take into consideration local as well as national 1031 possibilities. Please indicate your current level of knowledge so we can put you in the right level. If you purchased a building a number of years ago, and are looking to sell your current building as well as purchase a larger one, you will definitely want to attend to find your best options.

Structuring A Real Estate Portfolio

Real Estate as an investment is a mixed bag. We can help you sort it all out and define specific goals that will assist you in your decision-making efforts. If you are new at the challenge, you will want to sign up and get involved in the “Investor War Room”. You will find different levels of expertise that are anxious to share their thoughts and ideas about the current market.

Purchasing Property

Pros & Cons Buying a building for your business or as an investment will need planning as well as money. First time buyers can learn a great deal about the market. Who will teach you about buying a building? You want to make sure your purchase has no mistakes. Pick up ideas about market trends, purchase price and what to expect for your money. Commercial buildings which provide retail trade space in the city is quite different than the commercial building that provides office space. Gain insights from the top guns in the property ownership community. Good landlords are not born, they develop over a number of experiences and through purchasing and selling properties. Once you buy the building you need to get the right tenants so it will increase the value of your purchase and continue to build a secure property profile.

How To Build A Consortium In Real Estate

One way to get a real estate portfolio started is to join other small investors in a project. You have the opportunity to meet business people who are buying for the first time. Sign up and get started on your way to becoming a commercial property owner.

Real Estate seminars are conducted on an as needed basis. If we have as few as five, we will schedule the event. To book Cliff for your next event, please visit our Speaking Request section of our web site for more information.

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