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Cliff Houser

Cliff Houser

Born and raised in beautiful Pueblo Colorado, I look back at those days of yesteryear with a deeper sense of appreciation for what was then viewed as a well disciplined upbringing. During the week it was “finish you homework and chores and then if you have time you can read a book”. Weekends were always spent enjoying nature hikes and watching for the latest model Porsche to go by.

Attending La Sierra University, in the early 60’s opened up new avenues of interest. I took on an active role in speech and drama,chaired the university social affairs committee for three years and watched my buddys move on to Loma Linda University to study dentistry or medicine. After graduation, I went on to Cal State Los Angeles and obtained a life-time teaching credential and school administrative credentials. While at Cal State, I took classes on practice managment, business development along with my Master’s degree in education administration. I was destined to be a teacher!

My strenghts were not so much in being in an office environment but out there amoung em’ I stayed in touch with many of my college friends through the university alumni gatherings.

It seemed that my friends saw strenghs, in me, that I had long overlooked, team building, organization, leadership and the art of persuasion. They would call upon me to negotiate medical/dental equipment purchases, advise them on practice management issues, and set up space leases for them. As time went on I spent more and more time in consulting, practice management, leaseing and the transaction side of residential & commercial real estate.

“Educating, Empowering and Increasing Client Wealth”. This has always intrigued me and has been the source of my driving power. That is what drove me to obtain me Real Estate Broker’s license and start up a formal practice management business in 1981.

For the past 34 years I have enjoyed the business development aspect of practice management as well as helping clients buy and sell real estate. I have experience in start-up, ground-up construction, buying and sellng practices and much more. Kunau & Cline, Inc., was an offspring of an old family business which continues to be a strong influence in the medical and dental practice field.

If you attend my seminars or sign up at CDA, introduce yourself, I would love to talk with you.

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