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Cliff Houser
Cliff Houser

Born and raised in beautiful Pueblo Colorado, I look back at those days of yesteryear with a deeper sense of appreciation for what was then viewed as a well disciplined upbringing. During the week it was “finish you homework and chores and then if you have time you can read a book”. Weekends were always spent enjoying nature hikes and watching for the latest model Porsche to go by…Read More

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Nick Houser

Born and Raised in Los Angeles, Nick attended La Salle High school and spent many hours beefing up his GPA as well as his tennis game. He has enjoyed all sports and excelled in leadership roles as they presented themselves. After Graduation from Virginia Tech, Nick went to work for Armstrong Floor and Tile. The leader in luxury floor coverings. He was moved into the New York marketplace and has now become their top salesman in…Read More

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Janet Fajardo

Janet comes to us with a rich background in accounting. After her graduation from California State University Los Angeles, with a bachelor’s degree ( BS ) in Business Administration she gained employment with a local CPA. During the next few years she consumed knowledge while working with clients of that CPA…Read More

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Mi Ran Lee

Angie ( her chosen American Name ) gets up early Saturday mornings around 5:30 and goes to the hills and that’s where you will find her enjoying a brisk hike near where she lives.. As an avid hiker she has been hiking with the same group ( about 15 in all ) for the past 10 years. They meet weekly to get the kinks out and enjoy a morning of community exercise….Read More

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Rick Yost

Rick grew up as a kid in the fifties, attending Christian schools from elementary thru high school, with Church every weekend with the entire extended family. Back then a kid could ride his bicycle all over his side of town till well after dark all summer long, and be completely safe. Too bad those innocent days are long gone. Summer afternoons were spent with friends at the local swimming pool, after morning chores were done, till dinner time. His grandparents ran a large retail variety store like TG & Y, with everything from hardware to sewing patterns and dry goods, including a large comics section and an old fashion candy counter. His first paying job was to sweep the floor at the…Read More

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