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Practice Development Team


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More Of Our Practice Development Team

Associate Placement

Every graduate needs a place to practice and hone their skills. They also need to have an income to support themselves and family. Our placement service enables practitioners to grow in an environment that allows for all of this and more. The nurturing environment that exists after you are placed is as valuable as the work experience itself… Learn More

An Expeditor

You can have the best team members in the world and the most highly paid, but if you don’t have a coach, you will win very few games. That is why teams have… Learn More

Security Systems

During office build-out is the ideal time to install the office security system. This system will allow a 24 hour surveillance… Learn More

Institutional Loans

Many professionals have tried to buy a home only to find that qualifying is a major problem. The fact is, most graduates have a… Learn More

Certified Financial Planning

While individual needs are unique, many people have similar planning objectives. Some general needs will incude planning for income today… Learn More

Construction: Ground Up Or Build-out

Construction projects are a part of the new professional practice. Working with the design side of our construction partner, we recently… Learn More

Dental Supply Via Catalog & Next Day Delivery

Working with a world class supplier, we are able to provide you with very competitive rates. Once our agent get you signed up, you can order… Learn More

Equipment Sales and Maintenance

Through our trusted partner, you will be guided by an equipment specialist. Our expertise covers a wide range of equipment… Learn More

Marketing Within Your Community

Some marketing companies are reluctant to think in terms of the tangible benefits they provide (new patients). A service provider… Learn More

Practice Consulting

Cash flow is the amount of income available to pay all practice debts along with personal needs at home. Many practices spend money on… Learn More

Information Technology Installations

Stands for “information technology,” and is pronounced “i.T.” it refers to anything related to computing technology, such as networking, hardware… Learn More

Lease Negotiations

If your looking to start up a new practice or simply in need of more space, the abundance of choice and favorable market conditions for potential… Learn More

Space Planning & Design

We aspire to help entrepreneurs leverage their culture and their space to provide a professional business atmosphere. To help entrepreneurs elevate… Learn More

Interior Decorting

“Proportion” often refers to the shape of an item and how it relates to other things in the room. For example, if i have a square table… Learn More

Residential Real Estate

Purchasing a home is a lifestyle choice that requires you to think about how you like to spend your time and the type of community where you… Learn More

Video Surveillance From Cell

Our experts provide a comprehensive project assessment to determine the needs of your business, and work with you to design the security camera solution that’s right for your unique application! HD, IP, wireless or CCTV… Learn More

Assisting With Institutional Bank Loans

Kunau & Cline Agents are trained to help you complete business plans that will not only accompany a loan applications for any participating banks but will present your best profile to banks. We can work with you to assist in filling out the bank credit applications as well… Learn More

Architectural Drawings Plan Check Ready

There are many types of designers working in the home building & build-out (T.I.) industry. Some are licensed professionals; others are builders who have expanded their services into design as well as construction of custom homes and professional office suite renovations… Learn More


Get projects done quickly with blazing-fast upload and download speed when you select Our Trusted Partner’s Business Internet. Your new network connection will deliver faster download speeds, and the ultimate reliability for your data and voice connections… Learn More

Remodeling Practice Suites & Buildings

Our expertise in Dental office design and permit processing enables us to provide our client’s with fast-track design and permit processing at the building and zoning level of city planning… Learn More

Transition Collections

Congratulations Doctor, you have now sold your practice and are entering the transition phase of your successful career. There will be some interesting days ahead and planning an exit strategy is paramount to leaving your patients with a good feeling about their years under your care….. Learn More

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