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A Seminar Experience Like No Other


Mr Houser has over 35 years experience as a seminar facilitator. He has spent many evenings entertaining after dinner guests on a variety of topics. His anticdotal and true-to-life experiences are shared in detail. He believes in laughter and knows it is good for the tummy!

His good nature and love of humor came from his upbringing in Pueblo Colorado. He was raised by a rather strong willed German grandmother. Cliff was two weeks old when he joined his grandmother. She raised him and taught him discipline, the value of hard work,attention to detail and how to play hard when the work was over, oh yes, and “you can quit when it is finished.”

He currently enjoys spending time with graduating seniors. He is a guest lecturer at Loma Linda University, USC & UCLA to name a few. His focus with medical & dental Senior Graduates is on the school of hard knocks and starting up your own practice.

After he is introduce, you will need to sit back and fasten your seat belts. You will be getting into the fast lane, for a mental ride of your life.

“There were some “once in a life time” experiences that came out of Colorado and Grandma’s house. I tell ya, you had to be there. We laughed at just about everything.” Cliff

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