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About Us


Cliff Houser is President of the Kunau & Cline Commercial Real Estate Firm. Cliff received his undergraduate degree from La Sierra University in Riverside and a Masters Degree from Cal State Los Angeles in Education Administration. Along with his masters program he completed course work giving him additional knowledge in Real Estate and Business Administration. He taught a few years in the Los Angeles City School System and left to start up his first business in 1968. Mr. Houser has continued his career by developing a wide network of commercial real estate and medical/dental professionals. Cliff has negotiated office lease space, building purchases, sold commercial buildings, developed a shared-space program, developed client investment portfolios, been the coordinator for office build out for medical and dental specialties and much, much, more.


Kunau and CLINE families have provided business services since the early 1900’s. The focus of our business expertise is to educate, empower and help increase the personal wealth of each of our clients.

Core Values

The firm of Kunau and Cline promotes and believes in good old-fashioned work. Our work performance is nurtured by a caring company community of ethical and supportive members who believe that each of our clients deserves and receives the very best possible results.


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