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Building-out a Veterinary Hospital

Where does the money go? While building costs eat up most of the budget, you also need to consider such issues as land cost and architectural fees. Here’s the ball park breakdown: A word of caution – land will cost according to location, location, location.

  • 68% Building cost
  • 18% Land cost
  • 8% Architectural and engineering fees
  • 3% Contingencies
  • 3% Interest, insurance, and fees

Buying a Practice
Buying a veterinary practice may be the largest financial transaction of your life. Teaming with a professional broker to act as intermediary and guide can help you avoid potentially expensive missteps. Let us put our decades of success to work for you.

Kunau & Cline, Inc. will lead you through the entire buying process, providing practice valuations, answering your questions, offering solid business advice, interpreting financial information, spearheading contract negotiations, and introducing you to veterinary-friendly lenders. Our advisors can help you navigate the financial and ownership maze with unsurpassed expertise.

The most challenging part of any sale comes into play at the point of contract, getting financing together and orchestrating all closing details amongst both parties, their professional advisers and the lender. Unpredictable, unique and apparently insurmountable challenges surface with almost every transaction. The advisors at Kunau & Cline, Inc. are experts at what they do and will orchestrate the most minute contract details – all the way to the closing table.

Whether you are currently in a practice or just graduating from school, there are many things to consider when making a practice purchase. Complete the request form, we’ll match you with the appropriate Kunau & Cline, Inc. advisor.

Selling A Veterinary Practice

There are many things to consider and evaluate before selling your practice, and Kunau & Cline, Inc., has the experience and methodology to get the best return on your investment. A Kunau & Cline, Inc., Agent in your area can take you through all the steps.

With our internet arm, we are able to provide:

  • Business counsel to appraise and price your practice at the best price and value
  • Contract negotiations so you can focus on what is important during your transition
  • Proprietary database to determine market value and buyer interest
  • Marketing your business to sell: helping you to get it ready for purchase
  • Advertising to help promote the veterinary practice you have for sale
  • Marketing outreach at trade shows, speaking conventions, and local events
  • Ability to reach veterinarians who are looking for a practice for sale through our interactive web site
  • Confidentiality to help keep your staff free from worry
  • Transition process to help your new owners continue some of the best practices you have put in place

New Hospital to Open March 25

The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital will open at its new location on College Station Road March 25, 2015. This state-of-the-art facility will allow the Hospital to better meet its current patient care demands and the educational needs of the College while ensuring a bright future for both the CVM and the veterinary profession.

The entire site will be referred to as the Veterinary Medical Center and will include a new teaching hospital for small and large animals, a covered equine performance arena, a building dedicated to Field Services, Production Medicine and Theriogenology, and an education building for teaching and continuing education courses.

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