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I Have A Friend Network

Refer a friend to Kunau & Cline and get up to $1000.00

The very best referrals do not come from real estate agents. They come people who know us, where we have earned their trust. It used to be that there was no fee attached. We obtained the business because we did such an amazing job that someone wanted to recommend us to someone they care about. Bringing the best to a friend brought feelings of pride and after all they helped their friend.

The internet and economic times have changed all that. We have a retiree & baby boomer populations living from fixed incomes. I embrace the idea of paying referral fees if the referral agent takes the time to do a little matchmaking. Send me clients that are pre-approved and plan on buying or selling within the next 30 days. Or buyers who want to look at only the houses, that I personally know will surpass their family expectations and fit their budget.

Shucks, I’d take sellers who were willing to at least make the beds and accept reasonable offers because they really want to sell. If a person nees to know what the house/practice is worth, there are a number of internet services available to everyone interested in having a ball park figure.

Times, they are a changin’ Kunau & Cline, Inc., has set up a program that will span the knowledge level of referral programs. You can access the “I have a friend network” once or numerous times. You can attend our social networking mixers and meet new friends. Our annual holiday gala is to celebrate people who bring us multiple “I have a friend network” referrals.


Level One

You can bring us a friend ( looking to buy or sell ), introduce them and indicate you heard they are ready to buy or sell their house. After the introduction you are finished. You go on about your day! If they choose to have Kunau & Cline handle their transaction, you will receive $25000 fee through escrow.

Level Two

You can take one of our pre-approval packets to a friend (that you heard is ready to buy or sell) and when they have completed the information, bring them into our office and introduce them to one of our agents. Spend an hour or so talking with the agent and sharing experience and good times you and your friend have shared. This bonding time will give your friend an opportunity to see if they like the agent and Kunau & Cline, Inc. If your friend selects Kunau & Cline, Inc., to handle their transaction, you will receive $50000 through escrow.

Level Three

Bring a friend ( looking to buy or sell their home / practice ) to one of our meet and greet seminars. During this 1 1/2 hour presentation your friend will become familiar with the techniques used to complete the transaction. Your friend will meet numerous Agents from Kunau & Cline, Inc., and be able to pick and choose, an agent with whom they share a comfort zone.

In addition to staging ideas, pitfalls of buying and selling, the seminar goal is to share anecdotal stories about home/practice sales. We will share the five types of buyers and sellers. Personalities of the buyers is a light presentation that will have you laughing at how we humans handle particular incidents that happen to us. In the event your friend selects Kunau & Cline to handle their transaction, you will recieve $1,000.00 through escrow.

Sign up today and become a participant in our “I have a friend network” It costs you nothing.

  • I hereby apply for the participation in the "I have a friend Network" in the level number that I listed above.
  • I desire to unite with other people referring estate & Practice Sales clients to Kunau & Cline, Inc., receiving in return the structured financial benefits and advantages of those who refer clients. I promise a faithful compliance with the rules regulating the ways in which referrals can be made. I have not previously applied for active participation in this referral program within the past two (2) years. I understand that my referral agreement will be sent via e-mail.
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