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Facilitating Professional Practice Development While Educating, Empowering, and Increasing Client Wealth

At Kunau & Cline, we cross over the invisible borders from design and labor, impacting the overall project so that an investment in a single company combines many skills that affect the overall process of today while preparing for challenges of tomorrow and for years to come. We not only believe in the process but we have delivered it to many professionals. We have always believed that “Lifespan” is not just a buzz word or marketing term. We believe it is a mindset of our clients. That is why we have never offered single point solutions as an answer to professional office design and construction. We have not wavered from our thinking despite pressure form our competitiors to do so. We stand firm and continue to stand firm on the need for a single solution to professional suite planning, build out and practice development. We structured our holistic approach to manage common business needs and over the years have added more trusted partners based upon client requests and needs. Today this network includes over fifteen (15) specialties of concentrated interests of our clients.

Our results are significant as well as universal and give you the comfort of knowing that you call one company with your issues. We design, build and install it, so there is only one place to call when an issue arrises. This is why it is easy to explain why professional uses our sercices. This same technique is used in all areas of the medical profession and offer the same predicable results throughout the medical and dental suite build-out projects.

We invite you to spend research time in our web site to learn more about our services and how we can offer services that will give you a professional practice like no other. Discover how a single investment, of time, in Kunau & Cline can resolve Business challenges that might otherwise take you away from your professional practice time.

“Lifespan” for the life of your practice.

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