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Nick Houser

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Nick Houser
Graduate of Virginia Tech 2012
Minor: Architectural Design
B.S. in Business Adminitration

Board Member

Born and Raised in Los Angeles, Nick attended La Salle High school and spent many hours beefing up his GPA as well as his tennis game. He has enjoyed all sports and excelled in leadership roles as they presented themselves.

After Graduation from Virginia Tech, Nick went to work for Armstrong Floor and Tile. The leader in Luxury floor coverings. He was moved into the New York marketplace and has now become their top salesman in that construction arena. Gaining experience in construction, blue prints, and working with engineers, contractors, gives Kunau & Cline the edge it needs to keep abreast of current floor and ceiling offerings.

As a board member, Nick brings many resolutions to the table. He is a part of the new computer generation. Software and i-pads, etc are just part of the regular work day. He is skilled in our data base (CRM) “Salesforce” and has a high regard for the phrase “if it isn’t in salesforce it did not happen”. Besides being a voice for the Agents, Nick likes to look at the entire scope of Kunau & Cline, Inc., and makes sure to share his experiences and training where agent & client issues are in the spot light.

Nick is available at 626.583.8484

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